Dear Esteemed Participants,

It is with great honor and a profound sense of responsibility that I address you today at this pivotal training workshop on fair tax, budget monitoring/tracking, and digital campaign, organized by the YES Project Initiative in collaboration with LEAP AFRICA and the NIGERIA YOUTH FUTURES FUND.

As we gather in the spirit of democratic empowerment and inclusive governance, I am reminded of the vital role each of you plays in shaping the future of our beloved nation. The Youth In Democratic and Inclusive Governance (Y-DIG) Project stands as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path toward a society where transparency, accountability, and fair representation are not just ideals, but tangible realities.

The journey towards achieving these goals is not without its challenges, yet it is through initiatives like this workshop that we equip our youth—the leaders of tomorrow—with the knowledge and tools necessary to hold our government accountable. Your commitment to monitoring and tracking public budgets, advocating for fair taxation, and harnessing the power of digital campaigns is commendable and crucial for the progress of Plateau State and Nigeria at large.

Let this gathering be a catalyst for change, a forum where ideas and strategies converge to create a more equitable and just society. I stand with you in solidarity, confident in your ability to drive meaningful change and inspired by your dedication to the cause.

Together, let us pledge to uphold the values of democracy, to strive for development that benefits all, and to build a peaceful and prosperous future for every Nigerian.

Thank you for your unwavering spirit and for the opportunity to share in this momentous occasion.

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Youth Empowerment Solutions Project Initiative, aka YES Project is a non profit civil society organization working to build the capacity of young people, advocate for/and promote their inclusion in Democratic governance and ensure delivery of public services.


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