On behalf of the board and management of the YES Project initiative, I am delighted to congratulate Nigerians for clocking 22 years of uninterrupted democracy.

As we all know, the return to civil rule in Nigeria did not come easy; Nigerians fought hard for it until May 1999. It is our responsibility therefore to ensure that the hard-earned democracy is preserved in all its ramifications.

Amidst the celebrations, however, I must be quick to say that our democracy in the past two decades is not an accurate representation of what it ought to be. True democracy is beyond casting our votes every four years. True democracy is respect for the people’s rights and freedom of expression. True democracy is about justice, equity, and the rule of law. True democracy is about good governance and accountability. But sadly in this country, these values are often breached than observed. We live in a country where the law can easily catch up with the poor than the rich and where some are more equal than the others.

As we celebrate democracy day today June 12, 2023, there is a need for sober reflection. There’s a need to correct the mistakes and return to the true path of democracy. First in those steps for me, would be the reversal of the suspension of Twitter; an act, we consider a fundamental breach of our freedom of speech and expression that is unacceptable in any democratic setting.

We use this opportunity to call on all citizens to remain vigilant, support, and continue to be patriotic to the ideas of a united, peaceful, and prosperous Nation.

God bless us all and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Oche Precious Edeh – Executive Director, YES Project

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