The growth, development and ultimate survival of our great nation will not be determined by our abundant natural resources, the massiveness of our land mass or the strength of our population. It will only be determined by the willingness and conscious efforts of the Nigerian people to live together in peace and harmony irrespective of ethnic and religious background.

As a people we have focused too long on what divides us rather than what unites us. The time has come for a paradigm shift in focus and perception. The age long myopic view that give room to primordial sentiments, destroys objective thinking and base our relations with fellow Nigerians on the grounds of their ethnicity and religion, must be done away with. We must come to that point where we are able to see ourselves as Nigerians first, rather than as a northerner or southerner.
When you take time to observe how the human anatomy works or functions, you will understand better the concept of unity and harmony.

As we all know the human body has various organs that are unique in their own designs and functions. The heart and the kidneys do not look alike in any way and their functions are completely different. The liver, lungs and brain are different in shape, size and looks and they also have different functions. But as diverse as they are, they have to work together in harmony for the entire body to be healthy and for man to be able to fulfil his dreams and visions in life. The functioning of the human body is a graphic illustration of the power of unity in diversity.

It is important to note however, that while we strive to live peacefully together, we must ensure that we address holistically, all issues that stand as clogs in the wheel of our peaceful co-existence. We must strengthen the factors that engender peace and unity such as promoting justice and equity, good governance, religious tolerance, mutual respect for ethnicity and so on.

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