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Election is an important mechanism and determining factor of the democratic processes in every society. This is because it provides citizens with the unique opportunity to choose freely their political leaders and allocate power peacefully. 

Under democratic governance, the people hold the power, and by way of delegating this power, they engage in an electoral process which is backed up by law to choose who represents them in government. currently, there is a growing trend of vote buying in our elections which is undermining the integrity of the elections. Capacity, competence and character are no longer parameters for assessing electoral candidates. 

Cash-for-vote or ‘see and buy’ is emerging as the major determinant of electoral choice. Besides being illegal as explicitly stated in Nigeria’s electoral laws, vote buying also has a tendency to aggravate corruption in public offices as those who hold public mandates are made to seek corrupt means of enriching themselves towards future elections. 

This menace is undermining electoral choices and could imperil Nigeria’s democracy if not abated. Value Your Vote Naija is an Initiative of YES Project, designed in promoting credible, transparent, and legitimate elections through mass sensitization and capacity building on key issues that impact election negatively, such as, vote buying or inducement  and improve inclusivity of youth, women and vulnerable population participation. And to reduce election related violence and voter apathy.    


- To increase participation of youths, women and & PWDs in our electoral process.

- To promote values that will enhance the transparency of our elections.

- To create awareness and sensitize citizens on all forms of electoral fraud.

I Stand For Peace Naija

The critical importance of peace and unity for the sustenance of democracy, Economic growth, and national transformation cannot be over-emphasized.

There is no gainsaying the fact that there are unpatriotic elements in our society whose preoccupation is to foment trouble, cause chaos, and or a breach of peace.

However, they cannot and will not succeed where the collective will of the majority of people and the electorate vote peacefully and live in peace and harmony.

Hence our motivation and the need to strengthen advocacy for peace through the “I Stand for Peace Campaign”.

This motivation is particularly instructive given the history of election campaigning and electoral contest in our country which is often prone to breach of peace if not outright violence.


-To raise awareness that will engender peace before, during and after election.

-To enlist the collective commitment and actions of citizens.

-To promote values and attitude that engender peace, enhance patriotism and sensitizing the electorates on the fact that their future depends on the decisions and choices they make today.

-To counter negative and fake news

My Digital Right Project

It is very important to build and develop the awareness of young people of their rights in the Digital Space. My Digital Right Project is designed to build the advocacy skills and capacity of young people on their digital rights.

Our target is to train and equip 1000 Digital Rights Champion and Advocate in Nigeria.


-To create awareness around digital rights, and to build a network of digital rights advocates.

Inspire Hub

Inspire HuB is our organization’s monthly leadership and capacity building platform, designed primarily to inspire and motivate young people into succeeding in their various fields of endeavors, as well as contribute to nation building politically, socially and economically. 

It is a platform where entrepreneurs, role models and change makers share their life experience with the view of challenging others, particularly the younger generation into self belief in order to fulfil purpose and become a change agent.


Capacity building
Nation building

Youth Empowerment Solutions Project Initiative, aka YES Project is a non profit civil society organization working to build the capacity of young people, advocate for/and promote their inclusion in Democratic governance and ensure delivery of public services.


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